Frequently Asked Questions

How will you gain access to my home?

The most common method clients prefer is giving us a key or garage door code so that we can perform our cleaning and maintenance services without interrupting your day. We secure our clients’ keys in a lock box that can only be checked out and must be checked in by our team members. This ensures keys never get lost or passed around. Garage codes are also a good option to give us because homeowners can change them as they see fit for ensured security after the Complete Home 360 team makes their scheduled visit. Another option is to leave a door unlocked and we will lock it on the way out. You are welcome to be home during our scheduled visit as well.

Will the same person clean and/or maintain my home each visit?

Kids get sick, employees take vacations, and life keeps moving; that’s the basis of our work for our clients. We will try our best to be consistent with the team that works in your home but we cannot guarantee the same people every time. Rest assured that every member of our team is background checked and trained to offer each client optimal cleaning and customer service. Our team follows the same process and checklist so you will always have consistent, quality results every time. You can trust every member of the Complete Home 360 team to restore peace and safety to your home. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our process and team.

Do you bring your own cleaning supplies and maintenance tools or do I need to provide them?

Our cleaning team brings their own materials, including cleaning supplies, vacuum, and rags. If you have a preference for particular products you would like us to use, you can leave them out and we will use them. Our maintenance staff brings their own tools and materials including consumables, such as light bulbs, filters, and batteries.

How will I know the cleaning and maintenance has been completed in my home?

As part of our service we use a quality checklist to make sure our staff has followed our system and taken care of all your home’s unique needs. After the checklist has been completed, we will leave it at your home to show what cleaning services were done. Home maintenance is done the same way with a report of what was completed in a visit.

Are your home cleaning services and maintenance work contract-based?

Yes, because of the recurring nature of our services, we require a minimum commitment of three months so you can see the benefits of our process.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are completely insured. We have Liability Insurance, Errors and Omissions Insurance, and a Janitorial Bond.