Keep Up with Your Home Cleaning & Maintenance Needs

At Complete Home 360, our sole focus is offering elite, trustworthy ongoing cleaning and maintenance services for your home. In the scheduled visits from your team, you can trust the light bulbs will be replaced, your smoke detectors will be checked, every room of your home will be cleaned, and so much more.

We’re so much more than a cleaning company or a maid service. We offer comprehensive, full-service cleaning and maintenance services for the home that you may not have the time or ability to do on a regular basis. We use an extensive cleaning and maintenance checklist for our bi-weekly tasks and a separate checklist for our monthly and seasonal services, all tailored specifically to fit your home and your needs. The job is done only when the checklist is complete. The cleaning and maintenance checklists will be left in your home for you to review after the team leaves so you can rest assured that the job is truly done.

How Complete Home 360 Works

Beginning with the initial walk-through of your home, we get a feel for your regular home needs and we evaluate additional maintenance requirements you may not have considered. We will record all of the models and specifications of your appliances so that when our team arrives for scheduled maintenance, they will always have the correct supplies. Then we develop a comprehensive schedule that fits with your life. Whether our team visits your home weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, we will get the work done so that you don’t have to.

With our cleaning and maintenance work, we can ensure your home will not only look and feel good to be in, but it will also be energy efficient. From our light bulb replacement services to our furnace filter replacements, we want to keep your energy bills down and give you peace of mind. We complete maintenance work according to the schedules for your appliances from the manufacturers; vents will be checked and equipment will be inspected to ensure optimum efficiency. We do all of this to make your life a little easier and give you back your weekends.

Services from Local Maintenance Vendors

Have some maintenance work that you need completed but don’t see it on our service list? Don’t worry.We have a large network of trusted, local vendors who can help. You pick your vendor, then we’ll work with them to make sure the job is coordinated and completed with quality as our top priority. Whether you need carpet cleaning services, snow removal, lawn mowing, or more, we can help you find the best vendor in the area, add it to your home’s checklist, and see that the job is done, removing the work from your to-do list.

The pricing of our services is based on the walk-through of your home. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate.